Tricky D

Born and grew up in Pula. He developed his love for music in early childhood. In 80’s he is one of the actors of the local punk and the new scene, plays regularly in the bands, he is co-owner of the club, but in the early 1990s he moves to London where he gets in touch with funk, reggae and DJ Hip Hop culture. Then he goes to Berlin, where he becomes an active DJ and music producer with residency in the cult club “In eimer” and plays bass in one of the first live d’n’b bands “Electronauten”. Then life leads him everywhere, even to Jamaica, where he shoots and produces tracks with local enthusiasts, developes a new label, connects further on the the world level, plays oftenly in Bogota (Colombia) where he developes another collaborative label and works everywhere but he finally returns to Pula as a DJ and a producer and is happy to participate in many parties and festivals with newer music production for TV and video. Let’s salute his performance with old school vinyl jungle set.