Filip Motovunski

Filip Motovunski is a Drum and Bass / Jungle / HipHop DJ and producer from Motovun, a magnificent mountain top town in the beautiful area of Croatia called Istria. Involved with music since his early childhood as an MC and beatmaker in his rap band PCP. In 2007 Filip releases his first Jungle / Drum and Bass EP ‘Ta Pa Tap’ for Canadian label Junglexpeditions and next up ‘Sort Dem Out’ EP in collaboration with DJ Rahmanee. He has remixed a large number of songs such as ‘KRS – One – Sound of tha Police’, Beenie Man’s – ‘Who am I’, ‘Gorillaz – Saturnz Barz’, ‘Nas – Nas is Like’ that have all become widely popular.  Filip continues with originals on German BPM Records such as ‘Noonshine EP’, the official remix of Kiril Dzajkovski’s famous ‘Jungle Shadow’ , ‘Love Frequency ft. Michael Kworka’ and ‘Lava / Shakka’ single that was well supported by DJ Hype, Skeptical, Krust, Marky, Klax, Crissy Criss and many others. With double CD LP „Ten Years Making Beats“ for Croatian PDV Records Filip marks a decade of impressive career.
In 2017 Filip Motovunski became a part of Bad Taste Recordings, the highly acclaimed label of the iconic Vegas from Bad Company UK. His first single ‘Right Here / Lava VIP’ experimented with Filip’s first music video for ‘Lava VIP’. Next was the ‘Lion King Remix’, a Bad Taste Free download that shook the whole DnB network, including articles on the leading electronic music websites and His next DnB remix of the popular Reggae song ‘Belly of the Beast’ by Hornsman Coyote & Jah Mason can be heard in the DJ sets of Bad Company, B-Complex, Ed Solo, Kursiva and many others. ‘Check Out The Vibe EP’, ‘Combination / Get Some’ singles are some of the many Bad Taste releases during 2018. Filip marked the end of 2018 with the release of two tracks ‘The Street / Burp’ on DJ TeeBee’s legendary Subtitles Music, both getting rinsed on Rene LaVice’s BBC Radio 1 show, heard in sets of Doc Scott, Kyrist, Monty and more, also uploaded on the leading Drum and Bass YouTube channels : Skank & Bass and DNB Arena.
In 2018. Filip Motovunski won Best Bass DJ award at prestige Croatian Ambasador Awards.
Entering 2019 with 3 more official remixes on Bad Taste, Red Light and Born on Road, teaming up with Benny Page, Kursiva, Aries, Rahmanee and N.O.H.A. Teaming up with Billain on „Space Language“, impressive tune on Billain’s Extraction EP. Continuing on Subtitles Music with the release of two more original pieces ‘Conversation / Argument’ followed by the remix of Hempress Sativa – ‘Rock it ina Dance’ as another legendary Bad Taste Free Download that got #1 spot on HypeEdit drum & bass charts and #3 spot on Mixmag Adria’s top 15 all genres remixes of the south-eastern European region. At the end of 2019 Filip released “Frog Horn” on the big Program 100 VA compilation, the sister label of Andy C’s Ram Records. „Frog Horn“ gets support by Kings of the Rollers, Dr. Meaker, Kursiva, Isaac Maya…
Mixmag Adria puts Filip on #8 spot of top 40 all genres producers from the region and his “Conversation/Argument” release on #10 spot of all genres releases of 2019.
From 2020 until this day Filip continues with releases such as “For My Dogs” on Bad Taste being premiered on BBC Radio 1, „Ninja“ on Benny Page’s label Dub Shotta, „Serious Music ft. Joe Raygun“ with offical video in his own production for the infamous Ram Records following the official remix of King Tubby’s classic „Dubbing With The Observer“ for Jungle Cakes x Trojan Records Remixes album.
In the past ten years he has had over 600 shows in UK, Germany, Italy, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia, Macedonia, Serbia, South Africa, Bulgaria, Czech Rep and more, sharing the stage with many artists such as Pendulum, Vegas BCUK, Rahmanee, Indika, Chimpo, Ant TC 1, John B, Billain, Friction, Kursiva, DJ Storm, Manntra, Sully, Kenny Ken, Eskman, Lion Dub and many others, solidifying him as one of the best DJs around, truly rocking the dance with every set. Since 2007 he has organised the DnB night ‘Drama’ at the club Max Magnus in the beautiful Croatian city of Pazin and recently in the Crkva club in Rijeka, where he hosts different regional and European DJ’s and MC’s and has been known for DJing at almost every Croatian festival : Outlook, Hideout, Sea Star, Seasplash, Xtatic, Ferragosto Jam, Hartera, Knockout and more.

Official Releases:
For My Dogs (Bad Taste)
Frog Horn (Program Records)
Hempress Sativa – Rock it Ina Dance (Filip Motovunski Remix) (Bad Taste Free DL)
Conversation/Argument (Subtitles Music)
N.O.H.A. – Process Of Living [Filip Motovunski Remix] (Bad Taste)
Kursiva & Benny Page – Preditah (Filip Motovunski Remix)(Red Light)
Aries & Rahmanee ft Gardna – On Road (Filip Motovunski Remix)(Born on Road)
Street/Burp (Subtitles Music)
Billain & Filip Motovunski – Space Language (Bad Taste)
Listen To The Sound (Jungle Cakes)
Get Some (Bad Taste Free Download)
Combination (Bad Taste Recordings)
Check Out The Vibe EP (Bad Taste Recordings)
Hornsman Coyote & Jah Mason – Belly Of The Beast (Filip Motovunski Remix)(Bad Taste)
Lion King (Bad Taste Recordings Free Download)
Right Here/Lava VIP (Bad Taste Recordings)
Lava/Shakka EP (BPM Rec)
Future Sounds Of Zagreb Compilation (Dancing Bear)
Seasplash Compilation (PDV. Rec)
Ten Years Making Beats LP double CD (PDV Rec.)
Love Frequency (BPM Rec.)
Noonshine EP (BPM Rec.)
Less Than a Minute – Travelling to Istria Remix
Kiril Dzajkovski – Jungle Shadow Remix (BPM Rec.)
Move From The Gate EP (Jabbaton Rec.)
Sort Dem Out EP (JungleX)
Ta Pa Tap EP (JungleX)