ST!llness, Rap/Rock/Reggae band with cult status in it’s surroundings, is back after 10 years break, with a new studio album ‘Kocka je okrugla’.
The new album carries 12 tunes, including ‘Botun’ that was released on ‘Seasplash ritam’ compilation album in 2014, and the announcing single ‘I dalje’.
First album was ‘Sve što znam o životu je… odabrao Đelo Hadžiselimović’ from 2007, 2nd ‘Globalno zatupljenje – paket za preživljavanje’ from 2009, and ’S.T.I.-L.N.E.S.S., from 2012.
ST!llness combines powerful music, with even more powerful verbal shootings throughout all albums, that proved them as one of the rare bands that deliver thoughts about social interactions and introspective moments, that the most of the individuals can identify with.
Besides great studio albums, ST!llness, with Yuri as frontman, is one of the best regional live attractions, that played the most of the festivals, with more than 500 shows, including a lot of clubbing shows.