Zion Train

A band that can rightly be called friends and members of the Seasplash family. Zion Train were special guests in the first edition in 2003, and to make the circle full, they performed in the last edition 21 years later.

Zion Train is one of the most unique and enjoyable live dub acts on the planet, their use of dynamic dub mixing while performing on stage with acoustic instruments and exceptional vocals makes Zion Train one of a kind. This July, they will release a new album “Dissident Sound”, which they will present to the audience in Martinska at the 21st and last edition of the Seasplash Festival. The refreshed line-up for live performances features Cara Jane Murphy as lead vocalist. The band was founded in Oxford in 1988, and this year Zion Train celebrates 35 years of existence, while constantly moving forward with a lot of positives. The founder of Zion Train, Neil Perch, also owns the publishing house Universal Egg, founded in 1999, specializing in dub, electronica, and world dance music.

This band has played over 3,000 performances, including some of the biggest festivals in Europe and the world, and they are beloved guests on stages in Croatia, especially the Seasplash Festival. Martinska is already well known to them, they performed there in the pandemic year of 2020, presenting their then-new album “Illuminate”.