Sea Sound as the offspring of Seasplash Festival

Sea Sound is considered the offspring of the Seasplash Festival, bringing a refreshed approach and a concept tailored for the new era. With a broad spectrum in musical program, Sea Sound is shining a I

The 21st Seasplash Festival Aftermovie is here: Unforgettable Memories and Rich Heritage remain

In this 21st Seasplash Festival Aftermovie, you can see just a fragment of the atmosphere this summer in Martinska, Šibenik. From July 19th until 23rd it was happy, colorful, and full of singing and I Seasplash, Uncategorized

Thank You for all! Five-day celebration for Seasplash Festival farewell

We said goodbye to the Seasplash Festival just the way it should be, for a festival that lasted so long, and that has influenced many lives and sparked an entirely new scene. With five days filled wit I

We entered the 21st Seasplash Festival week: Day Zero concert relocated to Martinska

The week of the 21st Seasplash Festival came, it brings us five days full of SoundSystem culture. From Wednesday, July 19th until Sunday, July 23rd Martinska in Šibenik will be packed with music, vis I

Time-table by days for 21st Seasplash Festival

Mainsplash MainSplash stage powered by Seasplash Sound System Master of the Ceremony Little Vex Thursday, 20.07., 21-04h 21.00-23.00 VIBRATION ADDICT 23.00-01.00 CHANNEL ONE 01.00-04.00 SUBSISTENCE SO I

With these artists the 21st Seasplash Festival line-up is finalized

With summer heat and temperature rising, the excitement before the 21st Seasplash Festival is getting higher and higher. Due to the music program that lasts five days, July 19th – 23rd, Šibenik I

Night taxi boat lines and shuttle auto-taxi lines

Night taxi boats, as well as taxi services, can be ordered from center of Šibenik during the festival days.  Taxi boat contact: +385 99 542 47 83 Taxi boat prices are: 1-2 persons 14€ 3-6 persons I

Dub Yoga

Dub Yoga is back with us at 21st Seasplash Festival! This type of yoga consists of physical exercises, posture or asanas, relaxation, breathing exercises, concentration, and meditation. One part of th I

Become part of our team! Call for volunteers at the 21st Seasplash Festival

The Seasplash Festival invites you to join our volunteer team for the 21st and last edition, which will be held from July 20th to 23rd 2023 at Martinska in Šibenik. Volunteers are needed for the peri I

Avalon ship timetable: Now you can sail to Martinska from Šibenik

The boat lines on the route Mandalina – Šibenik – Martinska as well as Šibenik – Jadrija have started! The ship Avalon is sailing again and will take all the passengers from Šibenik town I

Zion Train Returns to Seasplash with Full Line-Up and Over 15 New Artists Confirmed

Our long-time friends Zion Train are coming to the last Seasplash Festival with a new studio album, after a long time we will see them in full line-up. Also, we are very proud to announce a series of I

Day Zero of 21st Seasplash festival on St. Michael’s Fortress

The 21st and the last edition of the Seasplash festival, held July 20 – 23 in Martinska in Šibenik, just got it’s Day Zero. Spectacular concert will surely contribute that the conclusion I