Workshops at the 17th Seasplash Festival

Check out all of the workshops at the 17th Seasplash Festival!

DJ workshop by DJ Venom

DJ workshop by legendary DJ Venom is back on track! If you are a passionate music lover or you are simply curious by your nature, this DJ workshop will surely not disappoint you. You will get the chance to learn about club mixing on the gramophone and through the software with DJ controls. Also, you will find more about turntablism (scratch and beat juggling) and be able to try it by yourself. The workshop will be held from 18th to 20th July from 6 PM till 8 PM. To register for the workshop you need to send a personal information to: The exact location of the workshop as well as other details will be sent to mail address of participants after you complete the application. The workshop is free for all festival visitors.

About the workshop leader… Davor Vrdoljak aka DJ Venom was born in Osijek and today he lives and works in Zagreb. As club DJ and turntablist, he is a multiple champion of Croatia and the double DMC finalist of the world championships in London. For 20 years he had been involved in mixing vinyls and also has a large number of regional and international performances behind him. He plays break beat, funk and drum’n’bass on the turntable and lead DJ workshop which are held in Zagreb and Pula. His DJ workshop is a place where young students can learn how to scratch, beat juggle and beatmatch and how to use these techniques in public appearances in clubs and competitions. 

Intuitive drumming workshop

All who are eager to express themselves and connect through playing instruments, voice and movement will have the opportunity to join the “intuitive percussion” workshop once again this year. During every workshop you will learn skills required to freely, but responsibly create music in a group. Later on, during the jam sessions, this creative music workshop will inspire you to explore your own musical needs and will help you to free yourselves and enjoy the moment. Previous experiences are of no importance and a number of instruments will be available at the workshop. The jams at last year’s workshop consisted in a wide range from completely repetitive, shaman-like drumming, to experimental, chaotic music without rhythm and tempo. The workshop will be held from the 18th to the 21st July from 7 PM till 9 PM. You can register on-site.

About the workshop leader… Nino Orepić has a degree in biology, is a trained instrumentalist and an unschooled musician who participated and collaborated as percussionist with bands such as Radikal Dub Kolektiv, Naturalna mistika, Šo!Mazgoon, KenKeDenKe, Intubeat… He has been attending Seasplash festival since its beginnings and the last time he performed as an artist was in 2011 with Naturalna Mistika. The core of his vision and need is in connecting and expressing in an intuitive (free, but responsible) musical expression. –>

Dub Yoga

Dub Yoga consists of body exercises, postures, asana, relaxation, breathing exercises, concentration exercises, and meditation. A part of the workshop time will be devoted to working in pairs and Acroyoga. Acroyoga is a fun way to practice yoga and exercise in pairs. Registration will be submitted on-site and no previous knowledge is required to participate in the workshop. Preferably you should bring your own yoga mats if you have them. The workshop will be held from 6:30 PM till 8 PM every day of the festival. Registration will be submitted on-site. Also, the workshop is free of charge for all festival visitors.

About the workshop leader… Marko Antunović is a kinesiology professional, who shares his passion for exercising and health with all the trainers in Zagreb and the region for many years.

Video production workshop by DMT

If you are interested in filming and video editing, this is an ideal chance for you to get closer to the basics of shooting and editing. Step by step you will be introduced to the entire process of creating videos. The workshop will be held from 18th to 23rd of July, and the only requirement for participation is owning a camera recording device, such as a video camera, digital camera, mobile phone, etc. Detailed information will be provided by e-mail at the end of the application, and you can simply apply through this link: Participation is free of charge for all festival visitors.

About the workshop leader… David Tešić – DMT is a longtime documentarist of the Seasplash Festival. David had graduated television production in the United States and for the past 11 years, he worked as a permanent associate for various productions and companies in Croatia and abroad.

Video by last year’s participant Tarita Štokovac –>