Thank You for all! Five-day celebration for Seasplash Festival farewell

We said goodbye to the Seasplash Festival just the way it should be, for a festival that lasted so long, and that has influenced many lives and sparked an entirely new scene. With five days filled with music, three stages with three sound systems, artists who inspired the creation of Seasplash, enriched past editions of the festival, and showcased the youthful talents of the scene, closed its 21st and last edition.

The atmosphere of unity and familiarity was felt from the early hours of Day Zero day. The Seasplash family started arriving at the festival camp, while numerous Šibenik started coming in with the free boat transport from the city center to Martinska, where the Day Zero concert took place. The air in Šibenik was hot and the performers heated it even more – the Croatian bands Bamwise and ABOP delighted the audience with their live electronic sets. Meanwhile, the main star Iration Steppas evoked nostalgia in many attendees and got them dancing, just like the dance group Cromaicanz.

The first festival day was marked by powerful bass sounds. After Channel One had to cancel their performance, regional forces Vibration Addict, supported by Little Vex, and the Austrian-Slovenian Subsistence Sound System impressed the crowd with their selections. Choosing between the floors on the following festival nights was a tough task. On the MainSplash Stage, featuring the powerful Seasplash Sound System, a strong concert night unfolded with performances by bands Šarena pojava, Antenat, and the legendary Zion Train, with Sarah from Headmix joining them on stage at one point. The concerts were rounded off by fantastic sets by Groove Playaz at the beginning and Slavonija Vibez Syndicate at the end of the evening.

Saturday was marked by two phenomenal sets and two long-awaited concerts. St!lness returned stronger than ever, and for the first time, Headmix took the stage at Seasplash, a band that significantly influenced the festival’s early days and evoked many emotions with their performance. The stage was opened by Pulap Reggae Station and closed by esteemed producers Rahmanee and Filip Motovunski – a perfect ending, some might say!

Throughout all three days, the SoundSplash Stage delivered set after set on the Barabadub Sound System, with dancers facing it. Top DJs, of all generations, gave their best performances including Grumen, Boogie, Lionshine, and DMT on Thursday. On Friday Jan Becele, Tricky D b2b Jin-San, Rasta Altitude Sound, DJ Venom u Šljiviku, and DJ Ama performed , while Saturday featured Kordoom HiFi, Dubble, Ras Padsystema, Barabadub, and Dr. Obi.

Sunday was a day for heavy-dub chill vibe that made farewell to the Seasplash festival a grand style. Crazy Baldhead from London prepared the ground with slow basslines for the upcoming stellar combination on the dub scene – Dr. Obi meets Anja G, Root & Sistah Tena, with the last performance at the final Seasplash festival played by the phenomenal duo from New Zealand, Pitch Black.

The ChillSplash Stage, located in front of the festival bar and equipped with the Old Lady Sound System, kept guests moving from the afternoon hours. Apart from the host Old Lady SoundSystem, other DJs like Kalibal, Miki Delay, Soljah, Little Vex, Dubmix, Klaun Krumpir, and Paddy Free, one half of Pitch Black, took turns on the stage. Despite being late, due to mistakenly purchasing the wrong ticket, Fyah Son Bantu from Kenya also made it to the last day when he performed.

The Seasplash Festival owes its vibrant atmosphere to numerous artists who enriched the program during and between other performances, such as the indispensable dance group Cromaicanz, fire manipulator Quis Ignis, and many other exhibitors, vendors, trainers, and meditators.

Although we haven’t conducted an official survey, judging by the number of happy and smiling couples who met at Seasplash a decade or more ago, as well as the children born from those unions, we can proudly say that our festival has had a positive impact not only on the music scene but also on Croatia’s demographics. Like any family, it is time for everyone to go their separate ways, but we promise to stay in touch and create new reasons to gather and celebrate together.

You can find big Seasplash Festival photo gallery here.