The final Seasplash festival, #TwentyOneTheLastOne

We’ve come to this. The circle is closed, and life goes on.
We’re happy and proud that we participated for more than two decades in starting, creating, nourishing, and promoting nowadays agile independent music scene, that previously didn’t exist in these areas.
Seasplash festival has always delivered a unique vision of Caribbean musical heritage, in fusion with recent trends and Mediterranean surroundings. Through the years we managed to host numerous bands, live acts, DJ sets, sound systems, and their collectives,…, and the 21st festival edition will do the same when we’ll try to celebrate and dance throughout the closing of such an important chapter in life.
As until now, the 21st Seasplash festival will deliver shows of different acts, for 4 days and on various stages, combined with other content, free of charge to the visitors. Life on site was always a special part of the festival, with camping in the shade of thick pine trees, just by the seaside.
As in the past years, the last Seasplash festival will happen from July the 20th to 23rd 2023, at Martinska site in Šibenik, Croatia, one of the rare, if not the only festival destination within the Unesco buffer zone, in the protected natural resort.
First line-up to be announced next month, until then feel free to grab SuperEarlyBird tickets at a special promotional price.