Seasplash Festival is one of the most long-lasting Croatian festivals, ideal for all of those who are lead with goodwill and a desire for a great and relaxing summer vacation right by the sea. The festival offers four days of music on several stages, as well as live music on the beach, free camping, workshops, shops and more. Seasplash is dancing to early morning hours with the best performers from the region and famous guest names from all over the world. Presenting all of the bass music and promoting sound system culture, Seasplash has been more than a decade a real treat for all reggae, dub, drum’n’bass, dancehall, ska, and other related electronic music lovers.

Be the part of Seasplash magic – come and see why everybody that comes to this Festival, always returns!


The Seasplash Festival is the foundation project of the Seasplash Association – an independent culture organization that is strongly oriented towards the social music engagement of music, art and culture through various contents and activities. Through its activities and projects, it contributes significantly to the development of an independent musical and cultural scene by linking and networking with unconfirmed artists as well as recognized artists, professionals and cultural activists from around the world.

The Seasplash Association has been successfully implementing its own projects and programs for many years, and members of the association with many years of experience contribute to the development of an area of ​​independent culture and new media. It also continuously advocates the interests of concert promoters through communication with public institutions and decision-makers in order to provide basic conditions for the quality implementation of cultural and artistic content. The great experience and quality created for many years now results in its own production throughout the year. The area of ​​activity is growing year by year and is gathering more and more domestic and foreign partners and associates.


The members of the organizational and program team have been independent or within teams, have participated in the realization of over 150 events, and through the cooperation with the associations from Croatia, neighboring countries and countries of Europe acquired the necessary knowledge and skills for quality project implementation.

Since 2004, the two-day cultural event Wintersplash in Zagreb has traditionally been held. It was founded in 2004 in collaboration with Bass Culture and Radio 101, but since 2008 it has become one of the independent projects of the Seasplash Association. In 2009 and 2010 the event was held at the Zagreb Center for Independent Culture and Youth – POGON Jedinstvo in Zagreb and later held in the premises of the autonomous cultural center Medika. As part of the program, the event presented more than 100 domestic and foreign authors of various music tracks, video artists and various cultural contents.

In 2009, the association opened the Seasplash Club at the Rojc Social Center, whose mission was to support young creative people to participate in DJ workshops and listeners of electronic music by making available all the resources they had at the time, for the new, young DJs who couldn’t afford having that kind of equipment at home.

Seasplash Summer Club
In addition to the Club in Rojc Center, the Seasplash Summer Club project was launched in Fort Punta Christo in collaboration with the Punta Christo Coastal Friends Association. The program of the Club and activities taking place within the space are diverse and encompass all aspects of novel, music and art. The club is open for visitors from May to October and has encountered a great deal of acceptance by the local public and young people, as well as the general public. As part of its program, the club has featured more than 70 artists and has made more than 30 events with various cultural content, which are mostly free and accessible to everyone.

The Seasplash Association is the holder of the Showcase project, which includes full-length music events, once a month throughout the year, or in the Rojac or Punta Christo Fortress, with the aim of presenting and promoting young and unconfirmed authors and artists of independent audio-visual production and different musical styles .

Seasplash platform
The Seasplash New Year’s Eve or Seasplash Platform is a musical event traditionally held at Dante’s Square or Portarata Square in Pula, organized by the Seasplash Association in co-operation with Pula City and the Pula Tourist Board and represents independent music production both young and unprofessional as well as professional and already affirmed artists. This musical event is included in the city’s New Year program as an integral part of it, which is extremely important for the affirmation of an independent culture at the local level and in society in general.
Seasplash Platform welcomes visits from 1,500 to 2,000 visitors.

Seasplash is also a partner in the realization of the Outlook Festival, one of the largest European and world festivals of electronic music held in Fort Punta Christo. In the implementation of this project, excellent collaboration with the UK Outlook organizational team was achieved, and solid foundations for long-term joint collaboration and opportunities for further international co-operation have been established.