The premiere of the after movie of the 11th Seasplash Festival from 2013 by Ivo Validžić

Ivo Validžić a.k.a. “HORIZONT ONE”, singer, songwriter, creator of photos and videos in 2013, made a short documentary about the 11th Seasplash Festival. In the video you can find interviews with guests and organizers of this festival edition such as Jahcoustix, Zion Train, Channel One, Adrian Sherwood, Vedran Meniga, Inner Terrestrials, Radio Aktiv, Antenat.

Ivo Validžić son of the nature wonderland Croatia, age mid-sixties born in Citluk / Promina close to the Krka waterfalls in Central Dalmatia, Croatia. Living in Dusseldorf -Germany and Zagreb-Croatia discovered a love for diversity music, photo and film in the 70s and 80s that carried him through rock and beat, electronic and reggae through the decades and still forms the resonance body of his work. The most lasting influence, however, was a chance meeting with Bob Marley at his Dortmund concert on Friday June 13th, 1980. On the way to the stage, he passed the tour bus, the door opened and suddenly he was facing the legend himself. When asked: “Hey Bob welcome in Germany, your Jah movement is the best, I also make music. What can I do for the Jah movement? “, He got the simple and impressive answer:” Yes man ….. positive vibration … Jah Rastafari “This sentence was like a thunderbolt …… influenced Ivo sustainably and still flashed from the encounter He went to England three days later, where he was to gain intensive experience with the ska and roots reggae scene over the next two years. On his musical journey he traveled in London and Birmingham on stage as Roadie & Lightning support with bands like Madness, Sex Pistols, Dillinger, Misty in Roots, Steel Pulse, UB 40, Gregory Isaacs, Black Uhuru, Keith Hudson and many more. As a tour manager and bassist for the band Amhara, he traveled through Europe until 1983 and spread the reggae rhythm to England, Holland, Belgium and Germany.

Like so many other idealists, Ivo caught up with regulated life and let himself be overwhelmed by his studies and later by his work in such a way that music, photography and filming inspired him privately for the next 15 years. However, the creativity in his heart never stopped boring and, even as an engineer by now, did not leave him in peace. Ultimately it was the voices, the friends from old days and the attendance of many reggae concerts and festivals that sparked the fire in him again. The vision arose to create a comprehensive archive of all photos and videos and to work on a music CD production ……. with their own songs, lyrics and compositions. He has been working with like-minded people since December 2019 on the HORIZONT ONE project, which celebrates the musical encounter between musicians from Africa and the friendly cooperation across all borders. In gratitude, for the diversity among people and in the spirit of Bob Marley: “Yes man ….. positive vibration …. Jah Rastafari ”When asked what is your biggest wish? Peace on Mother Earth. And a heartfelt wish! Perform live once at the Seasplash in front of the band TRIBAL SEEDS from California.