The Project started on August 2005 from the union of 3 musicians from Pordenone(Italy).After mutual live experiences in the Dub-Reggae context(B.R.Stylers,Blue Radics,Esat Sound) they are now setting out as a live band & sound system inspired by the UK Dub.WDD are supported by a mono-powerful equipment of 6000 Watts.They’ve played in various european festival like”Rototom Sunsplash”(Italy),”Soca Riversplash”(Slovenia)e”Oze Festival”(Croatia). In 2007 they produced a 10″and it was at the top of american 10″chart of the famous Ernie B distributor,containing 2 tracks calls “KingsMarch”+Dub Version & “BangShaka”+Dub Version, written arranged & produced by WDD at Dublju Studio(PN-Italy) and mixed in collaboration with Dougie Wardrop(Bush Chemists) at Counscious Sound Studio(London) and Dub Alchemy Studio(PN-Italy).


The two songs are realised in collaboration with the singer Culture Freeman,one of the most famous toaster of the UK Dub circuit,and with a great performer Singer Blue (Conscious Sound). Beginning 2009 new 10″that includes two tracks+Dub version,with King Shasa voice,also gave his voice for”One blood”(WDD track in Italian Dub Community compilation-Aquietbump).