Psy Till Dawn Vol. 1: Vertex

Psy Till Dawn Vol. 1: Vertex

Psy Till Dawn Vol. 1 with VERTEX
09.03.2019. / Subota / 22h-06h

Klub Kotač, Pula

Nastupaju :
DJ Nard(RI)
Teddy Lee(PU)

Nakon Egorythmia i E.V.P – Wildthings Records i dugih dviju godina, častimo nas i vas sa ozbiljnim psy/progressive discom. 😉

Incognito Agency slavi svoj 3. rođendan i bez puno filozofije, pozivamo vas na trance putovanje od 8 sati s novim programom “Psy Till Dawn” uz vrsnog svjetskog igrača VERTEX u ulozi kapetana sa svojim iskusnim suigračima.

Ograničeni broj ulaznica @ Caffe Bar Bass za samo 35kn !
Na dan giga : 40kn <<00:00h>> 50kn

Produžujemo proslavu 8. Marta dolaskom na našu večer tako da djevojke imaju ulaz cijelu noć po 40 kn.

Zbog komfornosti posjetitelja,puštamo SAMO 150 ulaznica tako da preporučujemo da što prije dođete i zauzmete svoju poziciju s obzirom da očekujemo sold out gig u ranoj fazi večeri.

VERTEX ( TesseracTstudio )

Vertex is Slobodan Gacesa (aka Merlin) from Serbia.

It all started back in 2008, when two friends, Nikola Kozic (ZYCE) and Slobodan Gacesa (MERLIN) joined forces to create something new on the scene – a combination of psytrance and chillout – and Vertex was born.

With Slobodan’s knowledge in playing piano, harmonies and in general musical theory and Nikola’s widely known expertise in music production and sound design, this project represents beautiful blend of deep, progressive, psy-trance, ethnic and ambient motives, with wide spectrum of diverse themes and sounds.

Debut album under the name “OCEAN”, which represented the element of water, was released for TesseracTstudio records in 2010. After a great success of “OCEAN”, dynamic duo continues the journey and two years after delivers the second album with symbolic name “EARTH”, which represented element of earth and had a great success on most of the major psy trance charts.

It inspired many music producers and therefore already next year (2013) album under name of “EARTH remixes” was released on TesseracTstudio, containing remixes done by names such as Suduaya, Human Element, Nerso, Aquafeel and more.

So far besides albums, there were more then 15 EP’s and Singles released for some of the biggest records labels in the scene and Vertex had been selected on more than 30 VA compilations worldwide!

Vertex’s collaboration track with Pion called “Sunrise Tonic” achieved a great success and became a massive hit, even being remixed by legendary Liquid Soul and released on Perfecto records by Paul Oakenfold.

Over the years, Vertex has developed a unique and recognizable sound on the scene, known by beautiful melodies, atmospheres, harmonies and divergent spectrum of sounds. It is considered to be one of the most innovative projects on progressive & psy trance scene, often combining what is considered impossible.

After the years of collaboration and 2 studio albums, Slobodan took the lead and in 2017 friends decided to split, resulting in Vertex being a solo project of Slobodan.

Already as an early teenager he was involved in electronic music, this was precisely in the beginning of the 90’s which was a very interesting time for the electronic music scene. Since then he was following electronic scene in several ways. When he met his friend Dean aka Cyborgix4E75, one of the pioneers of electronic music scene in Croatia, they started their own progressive sound project playing on several parties. This was in the notorious period at club “What” in Opatija. Today, Nard has been playing on trance festivals and parties around Austria, Greece, Slovenia, Serbia, Croatia,… Collaborating with other Djs and producers as DJ Dalton, Koorie Live, Amor aka Kiano and others.

Born on 4.1985., Whit music started to work at an early age … sang in choirs and in 2003 founded together with their friends punk-rock band Reanimacija that operates even today, and with whom he recorded 3 albums and 1 EP. In this environment of punk and Pula in Rojc came to meet with psy-trance and started out as a DJ since 2004. He played at various festivals in the region and parties. He started with the Dark now plays prog / crossover / fullon / morning-psytrance.

Teddy Lee je jedan od najosebujnijih DJ-eva koji djeluju u Puli, a i šire. Kao DJ djeluje od 2004. godine. Pokriva široki spektar raznovrsne glazbe a poznat je kao vrsni grafičar i Psychonaut

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