Zagrebačka premijera dokumentarca o Iration Steppas

Datum 2. 2. 2022
do 3. 2. 2022

Seasplash Festival presents Zagreb premiere!

Srijeda, 2.2. i četvrtak, 3.2.

Dubquake Records presents “Ina Vanguard Style” a documentary on Iration Steppas.

In the late 80s, the reggae sound system scene is thriving in the UK, homemade speaker boxes are shaking the underground to its core. In the dance, Jamaican roots reggae starts to make way to a new sound: UK Dub. “Ina Vanguard Style” takes you on a vibrant journey into Chapeltown’s ghetto in Leeds where a local youngster Mark Iration revolutionized the Dub scene alongside his long-time accomplice in musical murder Dennis Rootical; from growing up in a West-Indian community and blasting their ghetto blasters, to building their huge sound system and becoming the “Vanguard of Dub”, a major player that changed music history.

Meet The Directors

Music producer, composer, and organizer of the renowned Dubquake night, Eric Birraux aka Rico O.B.F is one of the leading figures in the international dub scene. DIY junkie, a self-taught versatile musician based in Geneva, has been a strong advocate for the sound system and reggae/dub music for the last 20 years. Founding member and selector of the O.B.F sound system, Eric is seen as one of the biggest artists in contemporary dub music. He’s played all over the world and has seized every opportunity to promote this music as well as other artists and crews. Over the years, Eric has built a tight network and collaborated with internationally recognized artists, local activists, and media… Today he’s the head honcho at Dubquake Records and he is constantly seeking new ways to share his experience and spread the dub music culture.

Fabien Jupille aka Fabio Manozzi is an independent film director & producer. He’s been working in the industry for 15 years within alternative film production, festivals, and sports events. He has been a close friend and member of the O.B.F crew since their beginning and he has made their first video clips. They share the same love for music. Dubquake Records didn’t hesitate one second to choose him to work on this tribute project to Iration Steppas.

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Iration Steppas / Biography

Iration Steppas burst onto the UK sound system scene in the 90s with a futuristic take on dub music. While being inspired by Jamaican roots reggae, their artistry was also massively influenced by hip hop, house and other electronic music, using techno and acid sounds in a way that had never been heard before. In the last 30 years, Iration Steppas has become a major player in the international dub scene. The crew has touched down on every continent shelling the dancehalls and leaving a huge impact on producers and sound systems alike. Often copied, never matched and always at the top of their game, Iration Steppas have clearly set new trends and shaped the history of dub.

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Dub slušaona prije i poslije projekcije.

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