terminal blue

Toma! Here comes a band that turns your sandals into dancing shoes, with you having to nurse your blisters and your mind for another month post-gig. The Terminals are in the driving seat of a formula one racing car, always in fifth gear heading towards an eclectic mix of Core, Reggae, Ska, Funk, Punk, Rock, you name it! Once called the “Lords of Inconsistency” by the press their concept is to take musical diversity to another level and make a concert not just a concert but a celebration of life and variety.

Even though the band has been seen frying eggs on stage (amongst other things ?) the groove never leaves the dance floor.. ?. they get their audience to laugh and still, they got a lot things of serious stuff to say. Headbang, headf..k, party time!

Born in Scotland, UK, the band consists of Brits, Italians, Spaniards, French and Germans and that may be where a large part of their uniqueness comes from. They have been touring extensively over the last four years with a couple of kick-ass records in their pocket and visited a large variety of venues and events all over Europe ?.
A grown-up live band you will enjoy watching so much that you may think they are an infectious disease?. Massive!

Terminal Blue are:
Angelo Grillo guitar, vocals
Holger Unger guitar, vocals
Ben Lemairevocals, percussion
Berni van Rossumdrums, sax
Stefan Ungerbass guitar
Albert Floressound