Besides following High Tone on the roads to display their video set, Led Piperz keeps on exploring new musical fields. Raised to the sound of Grind Hardcore/Metal and cheap guitar player in the 90’s, he fell for other musical sensations through his first Sound System experiences. Rave at first, then Dub, Jungle and Drum’n’bass : Sound System’s vibe abides ! Soon enough, a couple of MKII have taken the place of his guitar, playing each day more records, accumulating vinyls and skills. Numerous live sets are following up with Big Dub Sound, and some walls are still trembling when remembering these shows !

While setting up his first deadly tracks in an abstract hip-hop vein (which you may find on “Dopebeat vol1”/Supadope, or “Audioactivism”/Jarring Effects), he also keeps connected to the evolution of English underground musical trends. And gets a major trauma from the discovery of Techno Animal, Dälek or Vex’d, all contributors in his style’s mutation. He currently offers a dubstep/breakstep live set nurtured with many influences, but bringing deep energy and living vibrations.

Gigantic basses, syncopated rythms and tremendous synths are crossing the path of cosmic samples drawn from a classy musical culture. To say it shortly, a live set correcting and abusing various styles and building a fascinating music, spreading highly satisfying effects !