Ajs Nigrutin aka Vladan Aksentijević is a Serbian rapper, called the king of Balkan hip-hop. His first appearances were in the mid 90’s with his cult Belgrade trio Bad Copy. His lyrics are characterised by unusual humour mixed with street slang as his main expression. His opus combines four solo albums, three made with Bad Copy and one album with the group 43Zla.


Ajs is Vladans alter ego on a secret mission reporting from wild parties where sex, drugs and alcohol rule, also street crime and street life are not unknown to him. He often in an impolite and inappropriate way talks about social issues, making jokes of everyday life. Ajs became authentic for his famous flow, hard beats and surreal samples, which often look like a version of “Balkanic Monty Python circus”. His power is in getting to all kinds of people, what can be seen on his shows and full dance floors trough out Croatia and surrounding countries.