Sound system whose members are proud to boast as a first home owners of a powerful sound “scoops” (basssss) speakers, while respecting the original and continuing the tradition that begun many years ago in Jamaica, when the sound-system could be called only those who would appear at a party with their own sound wall. This way, Digitron sound system supplies second Wintersplash in a row, after close cooperation started at 7th Seasplash festival, where they appeared as hosts of Dubsplash stage, the fifth stage on the festival, which since then reaps enthusiastic reactions of visitors as the best new content of the Seasplesh festival.


Additionally, they are organizers of regular events International Dub Meeting and Dub Temple, where they host related artists from the international scene (Jah Free, Dandelion sound system, Weeding Dub, Webcam Hi-Fi, OBF, Roots Collective,…). Traditionally, for the third consecutive year, Digitron will appear at the Seasplash festival as hosts of Dubsplash stage. Besides the positive vibrations and deep bass frequencies, you can expect roots / dub selection with plenty of fresh material and dubplate’s, along with MCs transmitting socially conscious messages.