DJ Cool Name & Nina Davis (Hr)


DJ Cool Name is a member of Lar Plur Lar Sound, playing with them a little over 4 years. He has worked with Chip-Fu and DJ J. Prince, Filip Motovunski, DJ Highgrade, Jahkozza, DJ P-Thing, Kingston Sound, King Shango Sound, Brain Holidays, Dyalli Association and many other eminent artists of reggae and dancehall scene. He is also the only one from LPL sound that follows the JA scene. His style is best defined with strictly dancehall selection, with occasional excursions into new roots and roots reggae. From Cool Name you can expect most fresh selection from old school dancehall tunes all the way to those tunes that came out on the day he is performing. Together with Rootical ElF, he has arranged and edited a reggae show on Radio SC called Waddada Station for three years.


Nina Davis was born in 1988. Since 1990., she sang like a likkle bird. Then some people found out about that. So she did some kid shows back in the day. And then other people started to ask questions like ‘Who’s that girl la la la la’. Did a lot of contests with her choirs back in elementary school and highschool. Sang with ‘Putokazi’ for about 4 years when she first realized that the only music she could ever rock is soul, funk, dancehall and reggae. Oh yea, she can rock a lot of different styles. So, she started recording choruses with her friends as a favor to them back in 2004. From that time till now, learned a lot, sang a lot, rocked the place out a lot. R&B and soul were her premium style, but recently she found out that she can do reggae and dancehall, too. So she did a show with Kingston some time ago, and it was pretty awesome! After that untill now, Nina collected over 20 shows and much more skills.