Overproof Sound System started its life in 2000 as a monthly reggae night called “Overproof” held at the Medicine bar in Birmingham, England. The night was started by Different Drummer’s Richard Wittingham (Rockers Hi Fi) Adam Regan (Leftfoot) and Birmingham’s dub duo G.Corp.

In 2001 a European promoter attended the club and so impressed with the good spirit and almost tribal quality of the party he invited Overproof over to Europe, thus giving birth to the “Overproof sound system”. The sound system has been touring constantly now since 2001 and has become a solid core of five people Messenger Douglas, Juggla, Mighty Magoo, Stallion (G.Corp.) and Jah Grizzly (G.Corp.).


Overproof have played along side most of there reggae heroes over the last 10 years, recording their own music project, at the start of 2002, the now legendary “Watch what you put inna” EP, a track which went on to be, and still is a club anthem around the world. 2003 saw Overproof take a break from touring and encamp in the Elephant House, the celebrated headquarters of Birmingham’s Dub miesters G.Corp. Under the production eye of G.Corp, Overproof’s first album “Nothing to proove” was written and recorded. The album reflects the true spirit of both the original club night and the sound systems live presence. Musical styles swing joyfully from the studio one’ish “Get With It” through the blissful roots of ” The Plea” to the cheeky dance hall anthem “Long time”. Kenijah Boothe son of reggae legend Ken Boothe takes on guest vocals on the track” Live it up right”. In order to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the original club night Overproof have once again returned to the Elephant House to record their second album “Pull it up” the album includes vocals from the main crew messenger Douglas and Juggla and a guest appearance from one of the originals Ras Tweed. One of the tracks, an acoustic version of ”War must Cease” includes a unique appearance by the ‘Myspace Choir’. People from all over the world were invited to add their harmonies to what has ended up as a beautiful protest against the act of War. As with the first album this is a collection of styles bound together by a strong reggae influence, catchy melodies, heavy bass lines and conscious lyrics.

We had the opportunity to see Overproof sound system at the third Seasplash Festival 2005th at Marsovo polje, where they delighted the audience. This time they are coming as a part of their tour while they celebrate 10 years anniversary and they will perform, as they say, a party we can’t miss out on!!!