Disco’N’Action (Hr)


DNA, full name Disco’n’action, formed in late 2004 in Kastav, Croatia.
After a series of club performances, they received a label as “founders of the underground dance scene in the region”.
Chemistry, which connects DNA today, created in the late 90’s when Goran Grgurev, Kristijan Pejic and Dalibor Peršic (classic punks) expressed interest in trance music.

Shortly after that Edin Haliti and Zlatko Trošelj are joining them as a part of the group.
It was also the beginning of the dance revolution in Rijeka music scene, and DNA – a kind of pioneers.
One of noticed performances in that time, was the performance on the Liburnia Film Festival in Icici where DNA indicated a desire for presenting their music a wider audience. Already in early 2006. Disco’n’Action performe in front of seven thousand people at the Carnival party and at the Monvi Center in Rovinj in front of three thousand people, demonstrating the ability of a good managing on the big festivals in the region.

Continuing the club gigs, in 2007. They get the most attention at the Priredba summer festival where they played alongside Pendulum, No Means No. At the end of the year, they decide to make a solo concert in Stereo Hall, where they sold-out the club in front of the home crowd and record their “Live” debut.
On this album DNA made the collaboration with musicians such as Valter Kocijancic from the legendary band “Paraf” , Hrvoje Karabaic, vocal in band “HESUS Attor” and violinist Marta Batinic from the band “Ashes you leave”.
The following year is also fertile, and the music thay create is influenced by musical templates from Edin Haliti. The group is excellent accepted by the Zagreb audience. After performances in club “Kset” in January 2008. and in “Tvornica” Hall, they extend out of the local scene frame.

The 2009th, they played in many clubs and open air performances outside the Croatian borders, especially in Slovenia.
Presentation of new material gets attention at the international Špancirfest in Varazdin, a performance with the band “Hladno Pivo” in Rovinj and in Pula at Viva La Pola festival.