Irie FM (Srb)


A new wave of original reggae sound has splashed the Balkan shores. Redíseovered Ill and rejuvenated, this sound is brought to you by the group under the name Iríe lrie FM.. Amidst the concrete jungle called UF E NEW Belgrade emerges a sound oasis in the form of a group of Sinai grandchildren Whose mission is to spread positive energy and help us rediscover each other. “Happiness is achieved through endless tolerance. Feel each other.“

„IRIE“ “ a state of consciousness strived for, a positive meaningful everyday life.
Every day that has a purpose has its beginning and end and people who want to accomplish themselves together.” These are the thoughts coming from Vukasin Markovic. Once a member of the cult band Eyesburn, today Vukasin is the bandleader and songwriter for the band Irie FM. Not only the band’s lead singer, but he also plays the trombone. The compact band of ten devotees was formed already at the beginning of the new millennium, and mainly addressed the local scene. Irie FM’s beginnings are tied to the traditional Roots Reggae with plenty of “Jazzy” brass band elements. As the band matured, their music received plenty of Dub, Soul and Punky Reggae sensibilities.

Recognized as the fosterers of the Jamaican spirit, in 2006, Irie Fm gets invited to open the concert of the biggest dancehall artist of today – Capleton.
„We advocate the awareness and unity of young peoplebut in a very realistic way. We do not deal with religion.“ After a concert held in the packed hall of the Students’ Cultural Center, the band moves to Del Arno’s music studio, and after two years produces the first album called Skills of the Youths.

Incredibly enough, in 2008 lrie FM visits India, at the invitation of the Mumbai Blue Frog club Manager. Irie Fm then signs a contract for the Blue Frog Production house, under World Music label for the entire Eastern Subcontinent. Other names under this label include Sade, Richard Bona and John McLaughlin. The return from the East opened the door for many other concerts throughout Serbia and the region. The band performed at the Exit festival as many as four times in a row. Other festivals included Trenchtown, Supernatural, BELEF, Demofest, Jelen Pivo Live, Belgrade days, etc. Apart from Vukasin who plays the trombone, the band (going under the slogan “lt’s time for the return of big bands!”) includes: Slobodan Jovanovic (guitar), Darko Adamovic (keyboard) while Nikola Cirovic (drums), Andrej Pavlovic (bass guitar) are in charge of the band rhythmics. The brass portion of the band, besides Vukasin includes: Andreja Bucan, (saxofon) and Sava Matic (trumpet). The specific sound of Irie FM’s

live performance is brought to perfection by Uros Milojevic, a sound engineer.