The ”Roots Daughters” originate from Pula, Croatia, though residing in Ljubljana, Slovenia, and is made up of selectresses Sista Julie (also on the mic) and Sista Andrea. The idea of playing roots/dub music came up in December 2009, keeping their selection versatile (from Foundational to Digital Roots, UK Steppers, and some early Dancehall & Rub a Dub vibes) with emphasis on conscious vibes & female artists. They first appeared in Channel Zero’s Dub Lab evenings, where they gradually became part of the DubLab crew. Since then, they have played on festivals Seasplash, Life Celebration and Future Nature in Pula, many clubs in Ljubljana, Pula, Zagreb, Rijeka, Trieste, Maribor, Radeče, Velenje, Novo mesto, Cerkno…

They cooperated with numerous collectives and DJs & MCs such as Mc Soom T (Glasgow/Leipzig), Digitron Sound System (Zg), Seasplash DJs (Pula), Marsroom (Pu), Life Celebration (Pu), Balkan Kolektiv HR, Irie Revolution Sound (Novi Sad), Butchaa Messinjah (NS), Ras Milenko (NS), Zion Flex (Bristol, UK), Sweet Susie (Dub Club Vienna), Selector Ohoroho (LJ), King Shango Sound Family (HR), Đ’n’B (Pu), Exotic Times (Pu), Jahpants (Pu), Bad Gal Forward Soundsystem (LJ), Robbie Herbalist (LJ), Freedom Fighters Sound (Kp), Kantriman Selekta (LJ), Baba-K (LJ), Dubtafari Sound (LJ), Haris Pilton (LJ), W.G. My Hell Jackson (LJ)…

Roots Daughters: Sista Julie (Selectress, singjay) & Sista Andrea (Selectress, Visuals, melodica vibes)

From sweet roots vibes to deep & heavy bass inna digital roots & rootical steppa style !!
Chanting down babylon, freeing the bass, liberating our minds!!!