Tikach & Snap (Hr)


The year is 2012, Tikach & sNap are now resident DJ’s of the infamous Stereo Klub & Tunel in Rijeka. Having more then 20 gigs since end of 2011, getting their name spread around the town, around the country or even around the world. Three of their promo sets, two of them individually and one together were promoted at the biggest world wide Drum & Bass radio station called BassDrive.com. Nevertheless, Tikach & sNap are more than a promising name on the scene to which we must pay attention and follow. Still no words on production, but the EP ‘Tikach & sNap’ is in postproduction and it’s rumored to be out by the beginning of early 2013, hold tight for that. They still haven’t gotten chance to play at some big-ass festival, and this year they will be playing at 10th Seasplash Festival, you can be sure they have prepared something special. The varations and styles which Tikach & sNap play are Liquid Drum & Bass, with melody sounds and vocals, combained with Neuro Funk and Dark Step.



http://soundcloud.com/tikachandsnap/tikach-snap-guest-mix (Tikach & sNap)
http://soundcloud.com/tikach/tikach-guest-mix-bassdrive-com (Tikach)
http://soundcloud.com/acantime/snap-guest-mix-bassdrive-com (sNap)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0PQzLHRZlTU&list=PL51FA905FD845BFD7&index=1&feature=plpp_video (Tikach & sNap – Tunel LIVE VIDEO SET)