Digitron Sound System (Hr)


Digitron Sound System – On a Dub journey that started 10 years ago with live dub band Radikal Dub Kolektiv witch was heavily routed to a/punk/counter-culture. With years of being active part of Croatian scene,fighting windmills, and with love for digital dub, Digitron was formed. Soon after that first sound system across Balkans was builded.

digitron sound 2

Intention was to bring freshness to this part of Europe that haven’t got such cultural heritage. Musicwise digitron dubz are closest to sound of a uk steppas/ dub, but influenced by different electronic and acoustic music, that makes deeper experience to human subconsciousness. Digitron played at many clubs & festivals in Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Germany,Italy, Serbia, Slovenia… For releases check Jfx dubstore and Digitron records.