Trip to Zion (Hr)


Trip to Zion collective was formed spontaneously by joining a group of young enthusiasts in March, 2005 with the aim to promote DJ and Soundsystem Culture and bands from the domain of bass music and related genres (dubstep, drum’n’bass, jungle, reggae, dub, breakbeat, psytrance …).

Through eight years of existence, they hosted almost all the eminent artists from the Croatian scene, many from the region, as well as a diverse array of world performers such as Dub Inc., Ez3kiel, Benny Page, Alpha & Omega, Soom T, OnDubGround, Interlope, Braintheft, T_!, L33, Paul Fox & Jonah Dan…


Trip to Zion DJs & VJs are regular participants at theSeasplash festival, and this year except well-known Jan Becele, DJ Agregat will perform for the first time.

Jan Becele, originator of Trip to Zion, is activ on Zagreb scene as a DJ almost 15 years, and the last six as a VJ. His selections from reggae & dub, via jungle to dubstep & drum’n’bass are always setting the dance floor on fire.

Agregat will perform for the first time on Seasplash. He is a club DJ constantly present at skaters and snowboarders’ gatherings. His musical background is collection of various subtypes of music genres, from old evergreens to drum’n’bass and dubstep, which results with creative wondermix that brings a smile on your face and makes you move.