Elemental is one of the most popular bands in Croatia and the broader region (Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Montenegro and Ma- cedonia) – a unique mix of rap music with funk, soul and rock makes their albums and live per- formances powerful and innovative music expe-rience.

The band was created in 1998 and since then has released six studio albums. The core of the band are Remi (female MC/singer) and Shot (MC/pro- ducer) who have released their first two albums in a more “traditional” hip-hop form (with sam-ples and beats) and the next four with help of five musicians: guitar player Erol Zejnilovic, keyboards player Davor Zanoski, bassist Konrad Lo- vrencic, drummer Ivan Vodopijec and back vocal Vida Manestar. The sound of Elemental can be described as “organic hip-hop” or alternative rap. Music critics often compare their music style with those of The Roots, De La Soul, Mos Def, Talib Kweli, J. Dilla, Erykah Badu but on their recent albums, also with Rage Against The Machine, Beastie Boys etc.

Apart from excellent studio albums, numerous singles, videos and hit songs, Elemental is also an immensely popular live act. They have per- formed all over the region, ranging from smaller to big audiences – from clubs in Zagreb (Croatia), Exit festival in Novi Sad (Serbia), at Taksirat (Macedonia), opening acts for Hurts in Skopje (Macedonia) and Amy Winehouse in Belgrade (Serbia) in front of 20.000 people – Elemental always adjusts its set list to fit the venue. ln the last couple of years the band has had over four hundred live concerts.


One of the specific traits that makes Elemental particularly stand out is their lyrics. They are uncompromising, realistic, on point and brutally honest. Honesty and the fact that Elemental has never considered its music to be merely a pro- duct, but artistic creation are the characteristics that make the band extremely popular with fans all over the ex-Yugoslavian territory (Croatia, Slo- venia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Monte- negro and Macedonia). Uncompromising lyrics have made Elemental’s MCs voices of the intelli- gent, young people of the region.

Over the years the band was nominated and awarded with various awards – most important of them is Porin (the most prominent Croatian music award) in 2009 and 2011 in category “Best album of urban and club music”. They have per- formed numerous times on Porin awards cere- mony, a spot reserved only for the best musicians in Croatia. In 2013 they have been awarded with MTV Adria Platinum Award for their music video “Malena” due to its heavy rotation and popularity during MTV Adria’s prime time program.



Elemental/ Disco:
“Moj, njegov i njen svijet”, 2000. (Kondorcomm)
“Tempo Velegrada – Demiurg”, 2002. (Menart)
“Male Stvari”, 2004. (Menart)
“Pod pritiskom”, 2008. (Menart)
“Vertigo”, 2010. (Menart)
“U redu je”, 2013. (Menart)