Sassja comes from Tuzla – the city of salt. She is oftenly called “the wife of FMJAM – the biggest gatherer of young people in everything related to Bosnian hip hop culture. FMJAM is the first hip hop station in Bosnia and Herzegovina. She has been on the music scene for several years by now and the ideal time for her first album had come in spring of 2015. The release of the album “Taktički praktično” came after two successful singles, “Clash” and “Etikete” with over 700 000 Youtube views.

SASSJA is first of all, a songwriter and one of the very few women MC’s in the region. After releasing a home produced video for her song “Ostavi da gori” she performed on Exit Festival (Serbia) in 2011 and „Reggaeneracija Dunava“ festival as well as in various clubs in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Croatia and Slovenia. The album titled “Taktički praktično” was released via digital platforms fin March 2015 and it peeked No1 on regional Deezer. You can also find it on You Tube as well as on iTunes and Amazon.

Sassja knows what she’s doing, where she’s heading and she doesn’t compromise when choosing partners and songs for her first studio album. In 2014 she picked excellent international team of producers and beat makers: Billain (BiH), Jah Billah (CRO), Kantriman (SLO), Fokus (SRB), Max Rubadub (CH) and Koolade (CRO).


Besides Mirela Priselac Remi from Croatian band Elemental, with whom she made the single “Etikete”, she has two more duets – with Frenkie, one of the most famous regional rappers in the song “Ragga naš” which evoques the sound of dancehall from 80s, and with popular duo Who See from Montenegro in song “Trepere mi živci”. She also has the full support of Menart – Croatian Record Label that published some of the strongest urban titles in last decade. DJ Soul from FMJAM gives her a huge support.

Instead of trying to describe more who Sassja is, it’s much better to read the reviews of two journalists:

“One of the comments under her song on Youtube says: “Bosnian Soom T”. It’s indisputable that there are certain similarities between Indian-Scottish hip hop/reggae performer and Sanela Halilovic, known better as Sassja. But leave this on the side, because Sassja’s expression is one of the most authentic amongst female MC’s that are currently performing in Ex-Yu countries” – Dusan Komarcevic (E-novine, Dusan Komarcevic).

“As you can see, many producers that have been involved on this album (Taktički praktično) and which come from different backgrounds have left their mark in these thirteen songs. Everything is possible in the next song and Sassja’s never boring. Her quirky and charming personality is represented as well as the brisk and frontal one. Tactically and practically, Sassja combines in her first album the best of hip hop and Jamaican music with all of it’s modern variants, together with Bosnian-Tuzla slang and concrete solid attitudes. (, Z. Markovic).