TLR (Nl)


From his very first adventures in vinyl, almost 30 years ago, DJ TLR picks vividly hot and refreshingly cool ingredients for his unique groove. The early days of the acid scene in Haag were marked by the joyous spirit of squatter defiance and disgust towards the norms of society, the spirit TLR still emanates today. Now legendary names like Legowelt, Alexander Robotnick, Rude 66, D’Marc Cantu and many others were catapultated in the very top of clubbing underground because of his vigour and work.

A founder of several cult labels (Crème Organization, R­Zone, Crème Jak), he is also a sought­for expert for raising the temperature on the dancefloor. Building his sound with electro/techno, acid/jakbeat, hip­hop, jungle & rave, TLR is famous for his highly inflammable sets for the dancers ready to ride over all the borders!­label.aspx?id=1838