Killo Killo Banda

Vojislav Malesev, aka Killo Killo, is a wide spectrum MC coming from Novi Sad, Serbia. After few years of making songs on the computer, in 2007, he decides to form a band which could perform all that music but enriched with human power and creativity within live acts and improvisation. His music is based on roots reggae, but it brings us a lot more: various flavors from rock-steady and dance-hall to carribean style ska and all of that is often blended with some fine Balkan soul and emotional blues of the lone warrior. In 2010. Killo Killo Banda released the first digital album Amongst the People for the Exitmusic label. The second album Berba for Exitmusic was released in 2013, and the last album Ipak Borba was released in 2016. They played on Exit festival, Sziget festival, also in many countries such as Macedonia, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Monte Negro.