Kinetical MC x DJ Diaz

Kinetical ‘The Red Eye Soljah’ is a versatile Artist musically based somewhere between Bass-music and Reggae, collaborating with the Austrian Offbeat Pioneer DJ Diaz in a live Soundsystem Showcase full of energy and vibes reaching from Digital Styles, Steppers Dub up to forward thinking electronic Dub Music full of effects and heavy basslines. This musical mixture lays the perfect foundation for Kineticals versatile vocal style, rooted in Jamaican patois and ranging from emotional singing to Ragga-inspired boom voice to hi-speed double time Rap parts. Placed on top of DJ Diaz’ bass heavy selections full of unreleased Material and future classics, the result is pure Sound System Music without borders, sounding fresh and on point each and every time.

Kinetical MC

DJ Diaz (Stereofreezed/Bassive/RAWting!)