Dub Settlers HiFi

Dub SettlersDub Settlers HiFi is a crew of audiophiles from Bratislava who, after years of working at various projects within the reggae scene, have decided to build their own sound system in 2015. The members took part in projects such as Respect Vibration Sound, Foolproof Riddims, Get Garden and organized favourite indoor festival Flight to Jamaica. Despite being a relatively new act, this merry large company has become well known for their quality selection, solid sound and infectious party, which they have already unveiled alongside various sound names of the reggae scene, both at home and abroad (Uprising Festival, Goa Sunsplash, Seasplash Festival, LB27 Reggae Camp, Cultural Reggae Vibes, and many more). Outside of their high quality sound, they also offer substantial selection of dub, rootstep and digital reggae, interwoven with their own production.