Kanda, Kodža i Nebojša

Kanda Kodža i Nebojša are a five-member band from Belgrade whose music is usually described as a fusion of numerous genres explored by these musician since 1991. Based on talents, intelligence and love as a fuel of its activity, the KKN gained the status a status of regional rock leaders at times in which the values ​​they represent and for which their struggle with their art means nothing.

Their survival on the scene and popularity that is growing with each new album, only confirms their value and size. Over the past ten years, the KKN has hosted more than 600 concerts throughout the region – from intimate club to large scale festivals. Currently they are promoting their live album Uživo released in March last year. In addition to Oliver Nektarijevic (vocals), Vladana Rajovic (drumms), Nenad Pejovic (guitar), Janka Mostarlić (guitar) Boško Stanojević joined the band, replacing former member Ognjen Beader.

Boletov’s most famous musical engagement so far has been the collaboration with EKV in the last months of the band’s performance. For the past ten years, the band has attracted a new generation of audience with its intense concert activity. KKN is passionate and engaged, always in love with the audience.