BarabaDub Showcase

BarabaDub Sound System is another imaginary project of a few music lovers, and a longtime friend of Seasplash and these are its most prominent spokesmen this year! The warm atmosphere and the excellent music are guaranteed because they are taking you on a whole night voyage by Haris Pilton, Prancing D, Chakka, Lewangz and Foreigners everywhere.

prancing d

Haris Pilton aka Prince Har in May this year has released his roots reggae album “Dedication” last year, which is entirely made in old school reggae style. His style can be described as a unique fusion of gypsy music mixed with urban beats, spiced with a big influence of reggae tradition. This mixture gives us a result that his music sounds like funny, futuristic, Rasta, Balkan, Tarantinos Pulp Fiction movie. Humour in his music is mostly influenced by comic book Alan Ford. In the past years, he did around 50 remixes of gypsy, traditional music and in the last period, he is working on his own material. Haris Pilton gypsy, reggae, dub music is a question, not an answer!

Haris Pilton

A DJ, mediocre sound engineer and part of Medika’s household, Dino M. aka Prancing D comes from Zagreb, Croatia. When he is not playing music, he is probably somewhere around dragging music equipment boxes. His musical selection is not “dub schlagers”, but just some unknown roots dub riddims that you have not heard yet, and they are the sweetest reason for coming to a dance! And if you did hear them already, you might recall them again and rediscover the Jamaican culture and music that Prancing D celebrates!


Chakka is from Sombor, and for many years he lives and works in Zagreb as vocal support many drum’n’bass, dub and dubstep live performers. He appeared at many regional festivals and collaborated with musicians like Goldie (Metalheadz, UK/JA), Led Piperz (High Tone, FR), DJ Twelve (High Tone, FR), Bamwise (CRO), Tobogan (CRO), Joke (FR), Stillness (CRO), Paprika Korps (PL), Jahkozza (CRO), Digitron Sound System (CRO), OBF Sound (FR), Jah Free (GB), Rahmanee (SRB), Filip Motovunski (CRO), DandeLion (GB), Irie Revolution (SRB), Beat Busters Crew (HR), Bateria SanbaNSa (SRB)… He closely worked with ragga HC collective Zion Crew, drum’n’bass duo Ruski Lekari, fusion reggae collective Walking Dub, and at his very beginnings, he collaborated with MC Popay and Kingston Sound. Currently, he is an active member of Kali Fat Dub and BarabaDub Sound System. In every regard, this versatile MC will spice up the atmosphere on every dance floor!


Lewangz is from Bački Monoštor. He is a selector MC and a DJ. Also, he is a member of the Zion Crew from Sombor and the Unity Sound. Through the years he collaborate with many known names, such as Hornsman Coyote, Digitron Sound System, Zenicafaria Sound, Bass-ul-Ulema, Slavonija Vibes Syndicate, Chakka, Boca Sound System, Bass Matters Sound System, Jahmessenjah Sound and many more. He also performed on various venues and festivals, for example Trenchtown, EXIT, Seasplash, Gotiva, Regeneracija Dunava, Ritual Fest… His selection usually goes from roots to modern UK steppers.


Dubar Sound is from Slavonski Brod. It is a music project by Dražen Čizmek a member of Brlog Predstavlja regiment who first encounters dub music in 2004 and in 2008 he started to produce his own dub tracks. The sound of Dubar Sound is chemistry primarily of dub music, with many influences from other genres such as hip hop, dubstep, electro, and others. Many of its works have been released for Brlog Predstavlja, the oldest hip-hop organization of Brod-Posavina County. Also, he collaborated with more known names of the local dub scene.

dubar sound