Goulash Disko

goulash disko

Goulash Disko dream team is coming to Seasplash for an all-nighter takeover, and will make you discover the wonderful world of the Global Underground: tropical disco, ethno house, gypsydelic or shamanic downtempo! You got it all!
On the bill: Jarunsky, Agregat Sun, Yves Taquet, and Fourmi Rouz.

Fourmï Rouz is a groundbreaking cross-continental DJ/broadcaster/ curator from the multiethnic subtropical island of Mauritius. From his recent publications on Ninja Tune’s Solid Steel, Trax Magazine and The Ransom Note the wave has been spreading fast – with portentous performances at Fusion Festival (Germany), the 39th edition of Trans Musicales festival (France), Jodhpur Riff International Folk Festival (India) and Electropicales (Reunion Island, Fr). He is currently the artistic director of Goulash Disko Festival (Croatia) and curates the DJ Stage at Jodhpur Riff Festival (India). His musical involvement aims at spearheading the democratization of most tasteful worldwide electronic music across the real old continent.

Fourmi Rouz


Jarunsky is part of the Zagreb scene since 2014 and with the program Break Tha Funk, he follows a wide range of music directions, creating eclectic sets unrestricted by genre. Although he prefers open-air appearances in places like forests, lakes, beaches, and hills, he is no stranger to dark, dim clubs. At the moment he is working on a project called Dubokotoplo with Agregat Sun, which takes you on a deep, organic, tribal, ethnic journey around the globe, while the LtuneL program has a more deep-tech sound that he presents with M.I.L.E. and J. Jay.



Agregat Sun is born in 1983. He is the member of Trip to Zion Collective and Driver of Subjekt program in Grey Room Akc Medika.

Agregat Sun


Born 1801 in Dapesh. Yves worked 37 years in a confetti factory close to Buthakari. Spectacular escape. Traveled 215 years with a flea circus, then started playing psychedelic ethno house across the cosmos.