New York Ska-Jazz Ensemble


Opening concert

The unique style of this six-member multicultural concert attraction, New York Ska-Jazz Ensemble, has brought them the title of the founder of the ska-jazz genre, which they invented by combining jazz standards with rhythmic dancehall, reggae and rocksteady. Originating from cult bands Toasters, Skatalites and Scofflaws, behind them, they have 10 released albums and tours throughout Europe, Canada, North and South America where they are known for their energetic and magnificent live performances.

This bombastic collective was founded in 1994. in New York by formerly master musicians who wished to pay tribute to the masters of jazz music with reggae and ska interpretations. This new, unique sound, through the powerful ska-jazz songs, played with a punk sensitivity, has brought the departure from the burdened themes, inspired by the desire of the band to provide only pure fun for the dancing audience.

Throughout the long years of career, members from various parts of the world, from Americans, through Spaniards and Brits to Jamaica, have been passing through the band, nurturing the multiculturality for which the band is known. Always emphasizing the unification of people through music no matter of their skin color, religion and nationality, the band has spread its message of unity to more than 30 countries of the world. They showed their political stance with the performance in Poland, as the first American band who performed there after the fall of the wall. Their exciting music was used in many TV commercials, and they were part of the soundtrack of the well-known HBO documentary series “Redemption” nominated for the prestigious Oscar Award.

Entering their 26th year, NYSJE shows no sign of slowing down, with a brand new studio recording in the works, international tours booked and a stronger than ever commitment to live performance.

NYSJE (2018)
Rocksteady Freddie – saxophone/flute/vocals
Kevin Batchelor – trumpet/vocals
Mark Damon – bass/vocals
Earl Appleton – keyboards
Joey Gallo – drums
Simone Amodeo – guitar