Playground Hustle is an electronic, hip-hop, experimental duo from Zagreb. Producer Ivona Eterovic (Tonota) is the instrumental part of the duo, creating with a combination of acoustic and electric guitar/bass and all other elements you can find in a music software. Marija Magdalena Slović (Megi) is the vocal part of the duo, from writing texts to performing the texts – by rapping or singing.

They started working together in early 2015, and they officially exist on the scene since February 2016.  So far, they have released three studio albums “Pikule” (2016), “Kolovoz” (2017) and “Igle” (December 2019), from which they have produced several very incendiary singles / videos such as  “Tl;dr”, “Pikule”, “Nije me briga” i „Mladež Bez Boga“. The recording, mix and master of the album “Igle” is signed by the inimitable Luka Tralić Shot from Elemental band, and he also gave his signature in the form of vocal featuring on the song “Igle”. On the album, they also collaborated with Kandžija on the song “Tl; dr”.

Their music is definitely something new in domestic modern club production and a style that absolutely corresponds to modern western club electro / rap trends. It is an extremely innovative direction in combining electro music and rap in the way it is nurtured on the world music scene by performers like Die Antwood or Billie Eilish.