Scandal Rankin Sound – Badman dancehall selector outta Ireland, playing new school booty shakers with old school sensibilities. Expect to hear the slackest of lyrics ontop the duttiest bass, making you feel like you just bought a one way ticket to JA.

After over a decade on the grime and dancehall scenes, Irish DJ Simonok/Scandal Rankin Sound brings more weapons to the dance than a UN arms dump. Having moved to Zagreb from the USA in 2017, he blends a heady brew of heavy bass and sour squarewave sounds that leaves the dance shook.

After cutting his musical teeth in metal bands in his youth, he shifted tack to the underground ruffneck sounds of jungle. He then upped the ante and bpm to breakcore in subsequent years playing alongside such luminaries of the scene as DJ Scotch Egg, Shitmat, and Aaron Spectre and acting as a spearhead for left-of-underground clubbing in Ireland.

He set the dancehall scene in the south of Ireland alight in the early 2010s with his club night Scandal Ranking, bringing together long time selectors on the scene like Worries Outernational and Revelation Sound, with a new wave of Irish dancehall DJ’s. While also taking the vibe of the club on the road to clubs and festivals around Ireland, as Scandal Rankin Sound.

Dub, dancehall and the evolving story of the UK hardcore continuum has always been the cornerstone of Simonok’s style however. Today he brings his deep knowledge of grime and dancehall to bear on the dancefloors in Zagreb, gun fingers blazing.