He discovered dub music in 2005 and starts producing it two years later. From 2007 to 2011, he releases three demos, and in 2017 he releases the EP “From town to town, From dub to dub”, announcing a new chapter in his work. Shortly after, another EP called “When You Fall in Dub / Bass Becomes Obsession” (2018) followed by “Dub in Chest”, released in early 2019. In mid-2019, the song “Don’t waste your time” is released on the “Don’t test the warriors“ EP which was released in collaboration with Dr. Obi on the Amplifyah Music label and appeared shortly afterward as the first 10-inch vinyl release on Warrior Charge Records. In collaboration with Homegrown Sound from Zagreb releases the “Wild Berries” song, that was released on vinyl in early 2020 on the Homegrown Sound label. Shortly afterward, the song “Lifeline dub” was released on the well-known Woodland Records in April 2020, and in June 2020 he came up with the self-released EP “Increase the peace / Sabotage the war”. As he said, many things are planned to be out by the end of this year. Few songs are already taken from some labels and they are waiting to be released in the near future. All that + more unreleased tracks he’s been working on since his last release, Dubar Sound will present you this year at the festival.

Stricly production set as always!




Mefa, from the Slavonian town Valpovo, is one of the founders of the Revolution association and the Revolt dj*s collective. In 2011, in collaboration with several dub reggae enthusiasts, he launched the Slavonija Vibes Syndicate. He spins a selection of dub, reggae, rub-a dub, ragga jungle from his box of records and CD’s.

He collects comics, vinyl and CDs with an emphasis on artists from the Balkans and is constantly working on expanding his own collection. Mefa is also a fan of graffiti and street art and is actively working on the promotion of street art culture by organizing graffiti pits and ARTbeat exhibitions – traveling international sticker exhibitions with works by over 200 artists from 80 different countries.