Horizont One and Ras Flabba backed by Tough Cutt Band


Horizont One is a synonym for values that are remarkably honorable, and with Roots Rock Reggae spreads the awareness of their views, visions and positive dedications like a breath of wind. Ivo Validzic aka HORIZONT ONE – singer, songwriter, composer. Born in Čitluk/Promina (Croatia) near the Krka
Waterfalls, discovered early a love as a self-taught musician in the 70‘s that took him from Rock as a bassist with The Chopper, Merlin, The Fly Rock & Beat Band, to Electronic with Amplitude, Natural Gas. Reggae Amhara and Equal Rights through the decades. The most lasting influence on him, however, was a chance meeting with Bob Marley at his concert on Friday June 13, 1980. On his way to the stage area, he passed the tour bus, the door opened and suddenly he was face to face with the legend himself.
On his question: Hey Bob welcome in Germany, your Jah movement is the best. I also make music. What can I do for the Jah movement?“, he got the simple but captivating answer: „Yeah Man…Rastaman Vibration Positive…Jah Rastafari“ This sentence was like a thunderclap and had a lasting influence on Ivo.

Still flashed by the encounter, he left three days later for England, where he could make intensive experiences with the Ska and Roots Reggae scene in the next two years. On his musical journey he traveled around London and Birmingham on stage as roadie & lightning support with bands like Madness, Sex Pistols, Misty in Roots, Steel Pulse, UB 40, Black Uhuru. As a tour manager and bass player of the band Amhara he traveled Europe until 1985 and spread the reggae rhythm in England, Holland,
Belgium and Germany.

The vision was born and the project HORIZONT ONE was born to work on
a production with own songs, lyrics and compositions. Together with like-minded people, he has been working on the project HORIZONT ONE since December 2019. Ivo‘s attitude to life and music is expressed in the name of the planned album „Positive Devotion“. To be released June 2022 by SUNVIBES RECORDS. In collaboration with Ras Flabba.


lton Hugh Simpson, born in 1954 in Portland/ Jamaica. In 1981 he founded the band Adisa. Ras Flabba played bass and participated as backing vocals. Years later the group reformed. The three singers Ras Flabba, Cat and JP became known as the Three Dimension. The LP ‘Road Block’ in 1990 and the Italian tour in 1991 were the highlights of the Three Dimension project. His solo career took off. In 1989 he set up Black Star Studio, where the LP ‘Road Block’ was also recorded. In 1991 he founded the record label Sunvibe Records, under which his debut album Moving Forward was released in 1993. Its success literally gave new meaning to his work. As founder the Sunvibe Records studio, he began to work on new song material. The album Zing! was released in 1996. Spears and Tony Benjamin participated as
co-producers. On the following European tour he was accompanied by his Sunvibe crew, and the band Riddim 1000 which Ras Flabba and Mr. Irieman had brought to Germany from Jamaica shortly before. With the internationally known reggae stars such as Peter Hunningale, Richie Stephens, Junior Murvin and Everton Blender, the tour was successfully completed. His third album ‘African Gold’, was released in August 2002. In between stops: with the Iserlohn band New Culture, with whom he recorded the live CD „Strictly Live“. Flabba participated in the band I.R.I.E with the program Fathers of Reggae, and Natural Mystic Band. In 2006 Ras Flabba was nominated for the German Reggae Grammy. In2007 release „The Music in Me“. And in 2009 he started a tour of Germany, with the part Shocking Murray, Singing U (aka. Bobo Israel) and Mr Irieman. During this time the paths of Flabba and Christian Ernst (S: A: E Student) crossed. Together they produced the album ‘True Progress’. Subsequently, the album ‘Old School New’ in 2018 co-Produced by Mark Leyow. During the Corona Lockdown 2021 appeared 2 new albums, co-produced with Christian Ernst. But his music will definitely provide sunny vibes-not only at concerts. And carry positive feelings. His music will definitely provide sunny vibes and carry positive feelings.