Tricky D was born and raised in Pula. He developed his love for music early in childhood. In the 80’s he was one of the actors in the local punk and new wave scene, played in bands, and co-owned a club, but in the early 90’s he moved to London where he came into contact with funk, reggae, and DJ hip hop culture. Then he moved to Berlin, where he became an active DJ and music producer, a resident in the cult place “In Eimer” and played bass in one of the live d’n’b bands “Elektronauten”. Then life takes him everywhere, even to Jamaica where he recorded and produced tapes with local enthusiasts. He started a publishing house, connects further with the world scene, plays in Bogotá (Colombia), where he started another collaborative label and worked everywhere, and everywhere. Eventually, he returns to Pula as a DJ and producer who happily participates in many parties and festivals as well as producing music for TV and video. Let’s welcome his appearance in the old-school jungle vinyl set.

Jin-San is one of the first DJ-s, music shop owners, and promoters of reggae music and culture in Croatia. He also owns the largest reggae vinyl collection in this area.