DJ Souljah

DJ Souljah’s entry into the rave scene began way back in the 80’s when he was a regular visitor to the infamous Rave In The Cave, widely recognised as London’s first acid house venue. Having linked up with good friend Wayne Anthony, Souljah then went on to co-promote East London’s Genesis raves which ran for six months and would attract over 3000 people for each event. The Warrior Charge and Universal Jungle events followed in collaboration with Congo Natty and Knowledge & Wisdom but Souljah realised the time was right to step away from the promotions game and in 1997 he launched Exodus Distribution.

Initially concentrating on Congo Natty’s new releases and much celebrated back catalogue, Exodus then expanded into distributing up and coming labels such as Terry T’s Knowledge & Wisdom and Kemet Recordings and soon established themselves as a major force in the world of jungle/d&b distribution. With the rapid rise to prominence of both the Knowledge & Wisdom label and Souljah’s Exodus Distribution, both Souljah and Terry have found themselves increasingly in demand for gigs across the globe. Highlights have included playing for 20,000 ravers in Canada and a succession of high profile dates in most of the world’s major cities.

Demolition Man

In one word, the best description of the artist known as Demolition Man or Demo also known as Wayne Young is versatile. He is a singer, songwriter, emcee, engineer, and producer. Demo’s drive, love and energy can be felt through his words, power and sound in his musical creations. On the rocky road to being truly recognized and appreciated in the music industry, this hard-working artists’, positivity and determination can literally be felt. Music has been Demolition Man’s first love for over twenty years and there is no stopping him now. In 1982 Demo and his family moved to Tottenham where his cousin’s Tin – Tin, Syross were all musically inspired. He then went to Jamaica in 1983 and found his musical enlightenment. Witnessing the Jamaican people enjoying a different flavor of entertainment, and listening to ‘Studio one’ sound system cassettes. Artists’ such as Papa San, Lieutenant Stitchy, Daddy Wolf Man and Ricky Stereo were hot at that time. From 1983 – 1992 he was a part of the sound called ‘In Ting Hi Fi’ which was a big sound playing all over England. Demo also joined a youth sound called, ‘Justice’. In 1988 Demolition Man recorded his first tune, titled ‘Don’t touch it’. A collaboration with General Dan and Mike J. aka Million Dan for ‘The Demon Boys’ anthem called ‘Recognition’. One year later, Demo recorded his second tune, produced by Bikey Dred and Richie Davis aka Nicotine titled ‘Pretty looking Gal’ which came out on Power label. June 1993 Demo went to live with his father in the states , on March 1994 he opened for Bounty Killer , Lady Patra, Roundhead, Ninja Kid, on a three day tour to Washington DC, Boston Massachusetts and Hartford Connecticut. It was June 1994, that Demo returned to England to find that jungle music was the “in thing” taking the UK by storm. Demo then called on Terry -T, together they came up with a track called “Fire” which became a international hit charted at 33 in the National charts. In late 1995 Demo met a rasta elder named Solo Dan who took him under his wings. Then in 1998, Demolition Man embarked on a spiritual journey to Africa, the motherland. He was blessed with the opportunity to perform in Sierra Leone, Freetown at a peace concert and in Gambia alongside artists’ such as Sweetie Irie, Lorna Asha and Richie Davis. In that year he decided to become a Rasta practicing Rastafari livity. It was at this time where he started to develop as a producer and touring as an artist. Ras Solo was greatly responsible for teaching Demo about production, he taught him how to use Atari Cubase. In Late 2001 Demolition Man formed a crew called Dem Lott They launched a tune called, ‘Dem Lott’s Here Now’ on a garage production produced by Demo. I still kept touring doing PA’s with DJ Vadim from the hip-hop circuit , Germany, Russia, Dublin, Norway, Sweden and Greece and Terry – T and Dj Souljah on the jungle scene in Spain. In the spring of that year Demo was introduced to Theatre Royal Stratford East, to teach young students music production towards their GCSE’s. Then In April 2003, he was asked by Theatre Royal to take part in a hip –hop musical called ‘Da Boyz’ for one week. They extended the contract to eight weeks due to public demands. After one vibration is another and Demo started to realize more and more, that time is of the essence. Now is the time to move forward in a different direction of life and he is taking this opportunity to show other parts of the world what he has to offer. Never forgetting where he came from, the time has arrived for Demolition Man to make a lasting impression in the minds’ and hearts’ of true music lovers’ on an international scale. Music truly gives one the opportunity to spread positive messages and can break down barriers and eliminate negativity. Demolition Man’s passion for the creation of music is everlasting. Whether it is at a peace concert, rave, stage show, charity event or at the studio… Demo’s creativity, focus and determination could never be made dim nor fade away. Demolition Man’s destiny is to make music. Of all love affairs, this is surely one that will last forever. Nothing can out this fire. Bless.