Digitron Sound System je osnovan početkom 2008, u Zagrebu, od strane članova Radikal Dub Kolektiva(vrkija) i Jahstice Sounda(robija i igora). Ideja vodilja je bila nakon godina entuzijazma mnogih ljudi na hr “sceni” da napokon neko i napravi prvi sound system po “postulatima” izvorne/orginalne sound system spike. Nakon nekog vremena izgrađena su prva 4 scoops basa, i san je postao java.Digitron sound system raste rapidno kroz vrijeme, u smislu opreme, i u smislu ljudi koji su se priključili sa svojim vještinama( Andrija, Goldo, Marijana, Ani, Zorana).


Digitron Sound System was founded start of 2008, in Zagreb. it was founded by members of Radikal Dub Kolektiv( Vrki) and Jahstice Sound ( Robi+Igor). The idea leading us forward was that after years of enthusiasm of people on cro”scene”, that someone actually makes first sound system in the “right ” way, as seen soo many times in uk/ja. after some shorted period of time first 4 scoops bass bins were made, and dream has became reality! Digitron sound from there grows, in the sence of equipment and people with different skills ( Andrija, Goldo, Marijana, Ani, Zorana). Apart from sound we have founded a label also- Digitron records, and have first release Radikal Dub Sound ft.Ras Tweed 10″-“against it” witch at this time is most sold 10″ at earnie bs distro from usa. consideing selection of music that its possible to hear pon the digitron, it goes from roots reggae to uk roots to digital steppas/dubstep. Conscious message and heavy bass lines are the things making digitron sound known and reckognised.more important thing then just caring heavy boxes cross the land its heavy massage that comes out of boxes, we are not just briniging another circus to town to make weekend “euphoria” come to real, but comin to spread positive vibes between people, and make them aware of the situation we live in. And try to remind them of the simple things in life, like love, peace, consciousness, spirituality, tolerance…the focus is definatly on positive vibrations between people on session, and globaly. Digitron sound system is callin upon all people to join us on Seasplash festival to live 4 days togheder with dancing, smiling, feel the spirit of festival geathering/autonomus zone constructed by our own vibes!! Love to ona and all!!!