Hornsman Coyote comes from Belgrade, Serbia. Coming from a family with an artistic background, he has been active on the Serbian scene since he was very young. In 1994 he formed Eyesburn, a legendary crossover band that toured the whole of Europe and released 7 albums in Serbia. In 2004 Eyesburn collaborated with Max Cavalera (Soulfly), which resulted with the hit single “Moses” and a European tour supporting Soulfly. This collaboration was continued with the next Soulfly album “Dark Ages” and the song “Inner Spirit”. Coyote was a special guest at the “Dark Ages” European tour.

After touring with Soulfly, he decided to continue his career as a freelance solo artist. Since he had been into reggae and roots culture for years, the new sounds he composed came naturally. He packed his instrument into a small bag and left for London (UK) with the simple intention to play trombone in the roots reggae style. The first producer who gave Coyote a chance was Jerry Lions, a well-known guitar and bass player in many reggae bands. After that things began to run smoothly and Coyote recorded for many reggae producers like: Ras Muffet, Jah Works, Repentance music, Paco Ten, Kris Naphtali… Till the present, Hornsman has had these vinyl releases: “Warning, Sign of the Times” (Repentance music), “Warrior Horns” (Jah Works), “Father Judge” (Roots injection). These releases has been among the top selling 12 and 10 inches in 2008 in many charts. His two latest instrumental albums will be released this year: Hornsman Coyote meets Jah Works “Brass roots” and Hornsman Coyote meets Ras Muffet.

Apart from playing the trombone, Coyote has also followed a singing career, which has resulted in a masterpiece, according to many, called “What Next?”. This album has been compiled by various producers like Neil Perch (Abassi, Zion Train), WikluhSky, Mc Milovan, Fat_Z and it has been released until the present only in Poland by Karrot Kommando.

Coyote became known to the Polish audience through his cooperation with the greatest Polish ragamuffin band Vavamuffin. On their latest CD “Innadibusu” he composed and played “Intro” and “Outro”. He has been giving more and more concerts in Poland in recent years, and has, among others, taken part in the concert tour given by Joint Venture Sound System (biggest sound system in Poland) and Ghetto Priest (On-U Sound, Asian Dub Foundation, Juno Reactor) and the two biggest polish reggae festivals in Bielawa and Ostróda. On these occasions Coyote jammed and shared the stage with the artists like Iration Steppas, Ras Muffet, Ghetto Priest, Mykal Roze and the Dubline band, Vavamuffin, Leones Negros and was a guest on several sound system sessions with Singledread Sound from Warsaw. In 2008 he started an important tour promoting “What Next?” – he gave more than 80 concerts all around Europe: from Slovenia to Latvia, from France to Lithuania. At the end of the tour, in Paris, he had a studio sessions with King Kalabash and Baron Black from Big Family – they have been working on a new project called “Dragon Lion”, formed by Coyote and King Kyll – his tourmate. In November 2008 he was a special guest for Sankara Warriors sound system in Rome and Napoli. There, in Sankara studios, Paco Ten and Coyote worked on the new 12inch release coming out on Sankara label early this year.

Year 2009 has started very promising for this artist. He is going to a tour in South East Asia (Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia) in the end of March 2009 and afterward on another European tour in April and May. Coyote may also play in South America (Argentina, Brasil and Chile), as an invitation to play there came to his agency, Buxna Artist Agency, a lot of summer festivals in Europe are interested in booking this artist as well.