It all began in DJ Diaz’ living room, where he auditioned his most famous records to his friends back in the year 2000. The early drum’n’bass sounds at the legendary “liquid-planet” parties in Salzburg inspired him and his passion for this new urban sound was born. His playful combination of jungle and free tekno created a new style based on variety. Playing sets on 4 turntables with Miss Shina and being the main DJ of the experimental hardcore band “Elektroschleier” demonstrated his progressive and advanced style. Being part of Azubischall-Deluxe, a famous DJ/VJ collective, not only opened several doors, but also pushed him forward in improving and extending his musical style range. Since then, DJ Diaz paved his sound-way with drum’n’bass, (ragga-)jungle, freetek, breakcore/mashup, detroitbass, bailefunk, and finally , with the dark and strong beats of dubstep.

In 2005 Azubischall-Deluxe and Cougart organized one of the most sophisticated party’s in Salzburg: E-creation. This multimedia-event attracted over 1000 people and encouraged DJ Diaz to continue organizing events. Finally, “Tubeklub” was founded in 2006. This club was brought to life with the intention to place a new style – dubstep – and to increase and edutain the music scene in Salzburg. Tubeklub is run by DJ Diaz and Lino. These two are supported by well established DJs and producers from the local and international scene. As a party-promoter and DJ, Diaz joined the “Stereofreezed Soundsystem” that synonymously stands for “free-party for free-people”. Currently he also performs as the live DJ for the Grime/Metal/Elektro band The ÄTH. Today, DJ Diaz has become one of the main Austrian players, who’s openness toward every new influence pushes the upcoming scene forward. DJ Diaz stands for musical progress, improvement, change and support of upcoming directions.