Balkan’s Hi-Fi (Hr) feat. SOOM T (UK)


Soom T is an MC from Glasgow, a sister of six brothers. She started her craft in her very musical family whose life is dedicated to music. She was politically active when she was 15, but after a long and exhausting fight with the local authorities she turned her focus to clubs and music. Using the power of the speakers, the beats and the positive feedback from the crowds, now she expresses herself in a way that the public understands and supports.

From the earliest time of her MC career, from the underground rave parties till today, she published a significant number of materials, collaborated with various artists from various dance music genres such as: The Orb, T. Raumschmiere, Senser, Asian Dub Foundation, The Bug and Miss Kitten. This enviable discography was difficult to overstate the quality of the variety of styles, but her main goal was to send the right message to as many addresses. She performed on many established festivals around the world, won the BBC Fame Academy award for her work in 2005, among other awards, and sold a lot of records without signing contracts for any major label companies.


This time Soom T will perform side by side with Balkans Hi Fi, a project conceived by two reggae DJs; Medo and Koza joined by Haris Pilton/Slovenia, Ismar selekta/BiH and Fokus/SRB. Combined, they represent a mash-up of subgenres of reggae music with massive bass lines ment for the crowd to bounce. Their layout is full of dubplates and unreleased songs, with the freshest vinyl’s on the market. They had the honours to perform with names like: Mungos Hi Fi, Dandelion, Afrikan Simba, High Tone, King Original, Sopot,…