Naturalna Mistika is a legendary vocal and instrumental band from Zagreb and our first reggae band that played in clubs in the eighties. Band reunited last year and continued developing their music.

Group led by Boris Leiner (Vještice, Azra) and energetic Ivan Ivoš Iči on the microphone assembled students, future artists and talented musicians. After their first gig at the Zagreb’s Academy of fine arts in the legendary Akt hall, followed by frequent appearances in numerous clubs, such as Kulušić, Saloon… and concert halls, the group gained many admirers and has become synonymous with great dub music and excellent entertainment.
With dedication to Jamaican rhythm, they skillfully build their repertoire by choosing temperamental songs about liberty, equality and love, from cult figure of reggae movement, Bob Marley and his Wailers, many classical tracks by J. Cliff, Peter Tosh and Inner Circle and all the way to Grace Jones and Specials. They issued two CDs, studio album “Natural Mystic” and “Uživancija” with audio track from live concert held in overcrowded hall of Zagreb’s ZKM theatre in 1996, where they had once again confirmed their virtuosity.


Current Naturalna Mistika is composed of: singer Ivan Ivoš Iči, drummer Boris Leiner, guitarist žan Jakopać (Šo Mazgoon), saxophonists Jura Novoselić (Film, Psihomodo Pop) and Jakša Kriletić (Jinx, Šo Mazgoon), trumpeter Igor Pavlica (Haustor, Jinx), Jasna Bilušić – vocalist, keyboardist Frano Đurović, bassist Tomislav Jurina, trombonist Neno Grahovac, and from recently vocalist Kalif from Senegal who enriches the experience with his characteristic voice color.