L Jay (Hr)


L Jay is 17 years old drum’n’bass/dubstep producer & dj from Croatia from Seasplash Crew. He have a few songs at the level of world production. We can say that he is one of the biggest Croatian dubstep/drum’n’bass producer and dj who also produce and play with 207. He played with many big names on events like Outlook, Seasplash, Trnfest, Jabbaton, ChewTheFat, Drama,Wintersplash, Fallfest,Sirup, Monteparadiso, Medika, Stereo, Magnus, Kalypso and many many more. In any case, L Jay is more than a promising new name on the scene in which we must pay attention! His next EP with 207 is coming out soon on Belgian record label Errance Records.