Antenat (Hr)

antenat photo by rade saradjen

After two successful albums Subing (2006.) i Karavana (2008.), and numbers of shows in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, France, Italy, Germany, Slovenia…Antenat is coming back to promote their new album „Izlet“ that will be released in April 2013. At Dirty Old Label. Antenat has eleven members that are also playing in various Croatian groups: Afion, Naš mali Afro bend, Mašinko…Band has profiled their own genre and called it subreggae to avoid complications in explaining what type of music do they play.

Subreggae is mixture of various influences from reggae to dub, over ska to punk, with elements of world music – also every member with their instruments brings something different and unique: drums the power of punk rock, brass section reggae and jazz atmosphere, guitars some psychodelic note, keyboards atipical harmonisation that reminds on 70ties, percussions the afro beat.