Dubblestandart feat. Jazzmin Tutum (A/D)


To date, Dubblestandart have left their own crater on Planet Dub with the force of 12 albums. Founded at the end of the eighties, the sought-after backing band (Ari Up, Lee “Scratch“ Perry, Dillinger, Lilian Allen, Top Cat) around Paul Zasky have taken Jamaican production techniques and embossed them with their own, distinctively European stamp: bass-driven, informed by New Wave, using the very latest technology and skilled in the precarious balancing act between digital boombast and analogue warmth; wordlessly communicating between patois and Viennese humour.

Return From Planet Dub crowned their career back in 09 with a series of thrilling collaborations (including Lee “Scratch” Perry, Ari Up and film director David Lynch!) to create a Dubble CD that is quite simply unmatched in density, depth and incredible heaviness. Recorded in Kingston, the Bronx and the band’s own studio in Vienna, the 2 disc set also includes remixes from Rob Smith, G-Corp, their new production partners from NYC Subatomic Sound System and a disco classic Lovemachine by Supermax… 21st century music… a true return from planet dub!

Their production efforts also resulted in a recently completed mini-documentary on their dubstep collaboration work (several sold out vinyl 12″s editions via NYC’s Subatomic label partners) with Lee Perry, Dubblestandart & Jahdan Blakkamoore covering the history of dub and a capacity crowd show in NYC’s Central Park in the summer of 2009.Also check the links for further video material from their live shows and their video shot in Death Valley- CA of Chrome Optimism with David Lynch. Their current Album CD Marijuana Dreams on international known Hamburg Based Dub Collision Records features Lee Scratch Perry, David Lynch, William S. Burroughs, Anthony B., Elephant Man as very special guests!

Dubblestandart currently works on their forthcoming long player Woman In Dub –featuring singers from the US, Canada, Jamaica, Iran, Israel, UK & Euroland, addressing the current crisis: Corrupt politics, the financial crisis, the downsides of the digital age in the western world and their own individual struggles, wherever they come from. Ever since fighting for equality and justice for women, causing changes wherever the society or a political system created injustice. Promoting a colourful planet of individual identities!

This will be the Dubblestandart’s first performance at Seasplash festival, featuring Jazzmin Tutum as their special guest.


Jazz’min Tutum writes for the world as she sees it and experiences it- personally, politically, She writes and performs to “Touch the living breathing world with living breathing words”. She knows she’s not alone in this and that’s why she feels so much a part of a larger Dub Community. “Life is one extended dub for me…”

“Mama can yu tell mi why you don believe dis is righteous music! jus open up to some higher knowledge cause some-tings I-woulda-never-learn in college” (Lik’kle School Girl Dub)

Jazz’min Tutum’s Spoken Word takes you into her universe of Spheric Dub Poetry: politics, love, hope, history – all in the rhythm of the heart. In her work she calls upon her deep roots in Dub Poetry from Jamaica, and her paternal roots in Gabon, West Africa both of which inform her awareness of the New World and the Motherland. She performed at the Global Reggae Conference “Tribute to Mikey Smith” in 2007 along with Dub Poetry luminaries, such as Mutabaruka, and Oku Onoura, she’s also worked with a number of outstanding producers in the Dub Music scene: Neil Perch from the legendary Zion Train, Brain Damage out of France, Mad Professor and others such as Hey-o-Hansen out of Berlin. Her most recent project has been with Dubblestandart in ‘Woman in Dub’ album that will be released on 21st June.

Born in Japan, to a Jamaican mother and a Gabonese father, her formative years were spent in Jamaica. She published her first poem at the age of seven titled: ‘Jamaica will Change’ in the local Daily Gleaner. And she’s continued to write ever since. Moving to Canada in her teens, Jazz’min studied French Literature and Art History. Completing her studies she traveled to Asia, ending up in Japan where she lived for 5 years teaching English and studying Buddhist Art History. At this time she started writing and publishing Haiku- the Japanese condensed form of poetry in the Zen tradition. Returning to Jamaica where she performed at Mutabaruka’s Poetry event at Backyard Café in Kingston; she gave her first performance of the poem: ‘George War Bush’ – “George War Bush wa mek you tun fi you back pon di people of Iraq?”

Jazz’min moved to Germany in 2002 and made the first recordings of her Spoken Word vocals with Progressive Trance duo Vibrasphere out of Sweden and since then has continued to perform her poetry to audiences from Jamaica to Japan and from Bangkok to Berlin. She also hosts a Dub Music Radio program (Dub’Kali Rootz) in Freiburg, Germany.

Last year she released her debut album ‘Share the Flame’ produced by Neil Perch (Zion Train): “She has a particular perspective. A Jamaican woman living in Europe. She has a third-world perspective. It’s revealing and powerful. She’s a politicized female voice.”As well as speaking the Jamaican nation language, Jazz’min Tutum is multilingual and always seeking ways to communicate further internationally. Her most recent release on Zion Train’s album ‘State of Mind’ features her spoken word on the track ‘Share the Flame’.

“They got us towing the line dividing what is yours dividing what is mine Just a sign of our time ’Cause the truth is the real victim…”