Jahcoustix (D)


Jahcoustix`s youth was a nomad´s life, spending years in Mexico, Liberia, New York, Kenya and Egypt. He discovered music in Kenya where he began writing his first songs. After returning to Germany at the age of 20, Jahcoustix fully dedicated his life to Music and has eversince departed on a journey that has taken him and his songs half way around the world. Recently he released an uplifting single release of „World Citizen“ featuring Shaggy. This year he celebrates 10th anniversary of his career and he’ll performe at Seasplash festival for the first time.


On his upcoming Album Jahcoustix provides his Fans with uncompromising Roots Reggae and a strong lyrical message. The Idea and approach to this album is different to all the previous records. Instead of recording the album with his band, Jahcoustix works with a number of producers to get a more diversified sound.